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Thread: Chickahominy River 9/18-19/15

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    Default Chickahominy River 9/18-19/15

    Fished our final tx of year, so I went out Friday for a little pre fishing. Friday morning fog was the starting issue.we launched from Rockahock and the fog was so thick you couldn't see the damn and the dock looked to disappear into the mist. With these conditions I took my time getting ready. But at 7 a.m. I was getting antsi so I idea led over to shore line accross from ramp and follow it up a 100 yards and started fishing pads. Caught 2 on a frog going through there and couldn't get a spinner bait bite or chatter bait. Tide is full in starting to drop and I'm really needing to hit the area I want but fog still not letting me run. Kept fishing and pulled into the second creek on left and went up inside. Here I busted 2 on a buzz bait and missed 2 on a speed craw. Fog finally lifted enough to run but now it's 10a.m. Tides almost all out and I knew this was going to kill where I wanted to check out. Stoped anyway caught 2 dinks on a buzz bait, try few other different baits and nothing. Ran to Discund fish a few streches I knew then ran all the way back to train tresill furthest I'd ever been back. Here I saw some bait busting water and had a few followers but wouldn't take. Tide has turned and I gave it 2 hrs then ran back to spot I needed water on and you guessed it they were there. I
    made 6 cast and caught a 2, a 21/2, then a 4.3, as I reeled in the 4 I watched 5 others follow him to boat that were
    bigger than he was. Enough for me I left it and headed back to the trailer.
    Spent the night and can say the Mosquitos were the worst I've witnessed in a while.
    Saturday tx day ounce again a fog this didn't seem to be as bad you could see about 150+ yards and not 10' like day before. They delayed launch till 7:30 which was killing me knowing tide going to be out faster today. They launched us
    and said to please take it easy. No one could run wide open. I'd say it was safe as long as you only ran 20-30mph
    that's about as far as you could see. So this took it seemed an eternity to run 4-5 miles. We pulled up and worked our
    way down first stretch pads with nothing and I was getting disappointed. Then the fog settled in heavier and again
    didnt lift till 10. Tide was further out that I'd hoped. I picked up crank bait which I didn't catch anything day before on a crank. First cast had some thing poping at it but not taking I was guessing perch. Second cast same thing then rod loaded up. 1st fish 2# barely hooked with I hook in edge of moth Jeff nets it and it comes off crank. I put 2 more I. Boat on crank in 11/2-13/4 # not what I was expecting but we were taking what we could get. I hear Jeff say got one
    looked over to see his spinning rod loaded up and look out as I grabed net to see our only good fish of day take flight
    3-4 times. He played it out and that put our best fish 4.77 in the boat. High fives and back at the grind. The crank was my best friend today as I continued to plucked them here and there in the area none of them of which realy commited just nipping at it, everyone caught was on back hook with just 1 hook, sharp hooks a must. Jeff was being
    persistent with soft plastics. Together making good team work, catching and slowly culling up. We now have the fish we were going to have for the day which was 11-12 #'s we figured. We were thinking whether to stay and wait for them to turn back on while tide came in or just go and hit a few places on way back. We had another guy from club working area now to whom was there for his 4th time for day. So I figured I'd let him have and hit a few spots closer to ramp, its 1:30 we have 2 hours. We found nothing else and came back in about 3:15. Talking to a few of the guys it was sounding like our chances were good and we, compared to most put the hammer on them. The guys that we let have the spot came in 10 minutes late to find those fish did turn back on and as they were crushing them and getting them a solid limit they lost time and then had a problem getting boat started, that was a DQ which sucked because I'd like to have seen what they had. They said they didn't have anything big but probably 12+. We finished second with 12.44, winners had 14.12 with a solid 7.09 kicker. Was a great day with Jeff and wish that Dilon and his partner could've weighed there fish I believe it would've been close.
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    Nice job Carl and Jeff. Congrats fellas!!
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    Nice work, Carl.

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    Enjoyed the trip with ya bud!

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    Good job fellas.
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    Nice job fellas!

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    Nice work out there Carl
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Great job guys. Strong finish.

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    Great job guys and a good way to cap off the season! Congrats!

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    Nice job and thanks for shairng your time on the water with us.

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