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Thread: FOM Legacy East - 2015/2016 Schedule

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    Default FOM Legacy East - 2015/2016 Schedule

    Folks, this was just posted on FB via the director Curtis Welton. Listed below is the 2015/2016 schedule for the Fishers of Men - Legacy Series VA East Division.

    If you haven't had a chance to fish one of these events, then I encourage you to grab a kid, any kid under 18 (it doesn't have to be your own child), and bring them out for one of the Opens. These truly are great events, and they bring together the joys and fellowship of fishing with our youth in a faith based environment.

    If you have any questions about the division, the tournaments or anything else, feel free to post below or send me a PM.

    Here goes:
    - 11-27-15 Black Friday Open Kerr @ OSP
    - 3-26-16 - LKA - Anna Point Marina Open (short scripture at ramp)
    - 4-9-16 - Potomac - Hope Springs Marina - 1st Points TX
    - 4-30-16 - LKA - Sturgeon Creek Marina - 2nd Points TX
    - 6-4-16 - Chickahominy - Rockahock Campground - End of year points TX
    - 9-17-16 - Lake Gaston - Open - Pee Hill Creek public Ramp

    A lot of folks fish multiple series, so they did their best working around the VA elite 60, VA East Team Series, and Va West Team Series.

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    Looks Like a good schedule! I like the extra opens that have been added, hoping my schedule is much less crazy this coming year and I can actually plan to do these.

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    Thanks Erik. You know I didn't even think about it not having to be your own child, good point.
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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