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Thread: Kerr, 11-12 DEC 2015

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    Default Kerr, 11-12 DEC 2015

    With two of our first three events in 2016 on Kerr I've made it a priority to get some winter time in. Have never fished Kerr beyond OCT or before MAR. It was pure coincidence that the weather for this outing turned out to be perfect. Whooda thunk 70s in mid-DEC???

    I put in at OSP and immediately noted the chocolate milk and flotsam. I mean there wasn't 2" of visibility to the water and the surface was littered with floaters of all sizes and shapes. Dunno where or when this rain hit but we certainly didn't see any of in SW VA. Musta been a beast - have not seen Kerr this bad in a looooooooooooooooooong time. Was pleased to see 52* at launch. Lots of top water activity going on, too. I fished the rocky points around the ramp for about an hour without much success. Had one peanut hit my 3XD; he shook off at the boat. From there I hopped points down to Goat Island hoping to find some cleaner water. Nope. Wasn't until I got to Pigeonroost that I found water clean enough to fish (2' of viz). I started off on a main lake rocky point and got bit almost right away on that same 3XD. I followed it up w/ a c-rigged creature bait - nothing doing on the main point but I found a school of 2-2.5 lb fish stacked up on the first secondary point as I worked my way back into the creek. Had a limit in about 15 mins. There was a brush pile or tree top in about 5' of water on this point. All I had to do was drag my bait thru it. I continued working my way back into the creek without success.

    I hopped a bit further downlake to a stretch with a sheer bluff wall and scattered rock. It's a string of main lake points that have been go-to places for us in the spring. I picked up one small keeper on the bluff (jig) then started working the points with the same 3XD. A couple of peanuts here and there. Decided to slow down and work them w/ the c-rig. Yep, that's what they wanted. Once again, fish were in ~5' of water holding on or near wood. Visibility improved here - maybe 3-4'.

    I fished only the AM on SAT. Ran straight downlake and picked up where I left off FRI afternoon. Fish were still there, holding in ~5' and on main and the first set of secondary points. No takers on moving baits this day tho' Everything had to be slow (c-rig, jig). Water conditions uplake did not improve overnite. I did spend another hour or so working similar structure in the dirty water without so much as a sniff.

    Observations: 1) Water level was 296. That exposed a lot of structure and cover. I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and making notes. 2) Water temps ranged from 52 at OSP to 54+ downlake. The mudline appeared to have moved quite a bit overnite. 3) Tons of baitfish in the creeks and main lake cuts. I mean huge balls of bait. Saw some feeding activity in the dirty water but couldn't get anything to bite. 4) Proximity to deeper water (15'+) was key. Every place I got bit had deeper water adjacent to it. All of the fish I caught were very pasty. They had recently come up from deeper holding areas. 5) All of my bites were no-doubters. Fish were very active and aggressive.

    Stayed at one of the OSP cabins again. Best facilities in VA. Please check out their website if you're planning a trip. Tons of hiking/biking/riding trails, lots of history in the area (esp on the park property). A lot to do for families.

    Boat goes in the shop tomorrow for its annual service. I'll be back on Kerr the week after Christmas.


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    Kerr is my kryptonite. I seem to always catch fish there, but never can get on the fatboys. Seems like when I go it's large numbers of cookie cutter 14inchers. Unless I'm trying to catch crappie, then I get bigger bass, go figure.

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    Thanks for the post up Brian. Im hoping to get some tow there this winter also.
    You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.

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    Nice job B! good luck to you and Steve next year.
    I'm about to play my Ace

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