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    Does the Platinum East chip show contour/structure for the James/Chick rivers?



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    Quote Originally Posted by TAiken View Post
    Does the Platinum East chip show contour/structure for the James/Chick rivers?


    Yes, I have it and it shows them fine.

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    Thanks Steve.

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    All the Navionics products have the same map for a particular location if updated the same day.
    Whether you get the Hotmaps Platinum East region, Navionics Hotmaps Premium East region, or Navionics+, they all have the exact same map.
    The Hotmaps Platinum and Navionics+ can have an additional map layer added when updated (Sonar Charts).

    You can view the current Nautical Chart (Navionics data) for that area on the Navionics website's Web App.
    There are two maps in that view.
    When you click on the circle at the lower left, it changes the maps.
    When the circle is grey, that is the Navionics map (Nautical Charts).
    When the circle is blue, that is mapping that was created using sonar logs uploaded by sonar/GPS unit owners (Sonar Charts).
    The maps on the site are updated every day. What you see is what you get with a new map card purchase and update.
    All new purchases include a year of Freshest Data updates.

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    Thank you for your response. I ordered the Platinum East Chip.

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    The Platinum card has the photo overlay and the SonarChart feature be sure to turn the SonarChart if your using a Lowrance it will be called Fish N Chip. Also the photo overlay feature will not work in tidal water only on lakes.

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