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Thread: Tournament winning strategy

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    Default Tournament winning strategy

    There is no hard and fast formula for winning a tournament. But there is a strategy I use to greatly increase my chances of winning.
    There are four rules I use as a compass to keep me focused. The majority of variables surrounding bass fishing fit somewhere within these four elements and I study and practice every one of them.

    1. Know what it's going to take to win: calendar season, seasonal pattern, competition, and body of water.
    2. Seasonal pattern: understanding what stage the fish are in.
    3. Presentation: fast or slow: stay or go
    4. Execution: every bite is an opportunity to win. If you loose a fish you'd better be figuring out why, and do something about it.

    Historically speaking; every time I've put all four of these elements together as a whole, I've won a tournament or placed in the top five. Therefore everything I do revolves around gaining the knowledge, learning and practicing to put these four elements together consistently.
    Of course this is my personal philosophy and its what works for me. It might help you, or it might not. We all think differently and have our own ways of putting together a puzzle.

    God bless you and see you on the water.
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    Another keeper, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

    You've given us a simple yet thorough framework for going into a TX. So easy to get consumed w/ all of the variables. Your game plan touches all of the key elements without cluttering up our thinking. Frees up time to execute.

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