Thanks Eric.

Continuing along this theme, this thread has brought something to my consciousness that I have been subconsciously aware of for awhile now.
I wasn't raised in a Christian home. On the contrary. It was pretty bad. So it wasn't me who found God. Rather it was God who found me. That being said, I was saved in a baptist church. So later in life it was only natural to start attending baptist services.
Now any one who has ever attended a baptist church knows the routine. Baptist services are very ceremonial and choreographed. The service message itself always revolves around people's sin, guilt, and fear, as a primary method to get people to accept Jesus Christ. I'm not making a judgement one way or the other. It's only my opinion based on what I've seen and experienced over the years.
So here's my point. When you study the ministry of Jesus Christ, Jesus actually rebuked the religious leaders of his day for using the law (sin) unjustly against the people, and as a tool to keep themselves in power. So yes, religious leaders since the days of Christ have been using religion to enslave people, and it's not going away anytime soon.
The ministry of Jesus Christ is the direct opposite. He said "My yoke is easy and my burden is light". That doesn't sound to hard to me?
Jesus came not to condemn us, or to beat us up with our sin. He came with love, forgiveness, gave us hope, had compassion on us, gave us mercy and grace. His message wasn't one used to enslave us, but rather to give us freedom, peace, joy and everlasting life.
Unfortunately, people are quick to point out and use the failures of Christians and religious leaders, as a reason to reject Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder just how many of them have really taken the time to actually investigate and study the life of Jesus or his ministry.
I have a hunch, that in the day of judgement, using the failures of others as a defense, isn't going to fly, lol.
So I try to follow the example of Jesus and witness to others as best I can. But talking or preaching alone isn't enough to overcome the damage that's been done. If people see Christ in you, then they're more apt to ask questions, and more importantly, listen intently to what you have to say.