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Thread: Got to thinking.........

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    Default Got to thinking.........

    Here are some things I used to tell Lee when he was young and first started fishing.
    Me to Lee
    Don't hit the dock.
    Try not to get hung up in that mess.
    Quick....cast over there.
    Make sure you cast close to that ladder.
    You asleep back there?
    Drink more's hot out here.
    Where's your hat?
    Put some suntan lotion on before you burn.
    We'll get em next time.
    Well....they were here 3 days ago.
    Better check them fish in the livewell.
    Oops....that might be a smelly one.
    Make sure you pee in the water....not the boat.
    What'd ya say? Quit mumbling.
    Need help with that backlash.
    It's getting late. Just one more cast.

    Now that he is grown, here are some things that Lee tells me.
    Lee to me.
    Repeat above.
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    Cept the sleeping part right? That rascal(Lee) is the sleepingest dude I've heard about ...
    Crank That Jank!

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    Thats about right Dad. Only thing I'd add is 'don't fall in whilst you peein'. Just fish really hard and focused, from start to finish, don't stop, keep going to the end. Most times, don't eat nothing til we get a limit. You'd think that lately, I be losin some lbs (can't catch a limit). Then I'm spent so need a nap.....zzzzzzzz

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    Like looking in a mirror lol. Nice post.
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    Don't know what y'all read but I read, "I love you, son" and "I love you, dad."

    Nice, Larry.

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    LOL that's great!

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