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    Fished 2 days on Kerr and one day on Gaston this weekend for Region tournaments. Fished Kerr Friday and Saturday. On Friday best 5 went 24 pounds. On points in major creeks, namely Eastland. Points were the most productive. Every point throughout the lake had the same pattern. Caught majority of fish on small crank-baits and worms thrown up in the shallows of the points. On Friday the crank-bait bite came as soon as the crank hit the water in the shallows. the worm bite came in the 5 to 8ft range off the points. Caught about 25 fish all over 14in. On Saturday the crank-bait bite went away for us. Caught everything on worm (think a front shut them down). We caught the same amount of fish but only one that was four pounds, where on Friday we caught a bunch of 4 pounders and a couple 5lbs. All on points no matter what creek we went in. Finished Saturday with 12lbs, good enough for 4th place. On Sunday hit Gaston. Caught a lot of fish but only came out with 10lbs. We hadn't pre-fished Gaston so we weren't sure what to do. We found the bedding fish to late in the game. We finally noticed them in the backs of the creeks on the bulkheads around 2pm, caught one before having to head to weigh in. The rest of our fish we caught in the back of creeks in the middle of the back, on Grass that you cant see but can feel in 5ft of water, and again in the very backs of the creek arms where it narrows down to about a football field width in the middle, not on the banks. Caught a bunch once we figured this out with one going 3lbs. If we would have known this earlier in the day we would have done a-lot better because once we found that bite it was a flurry of hook-ups.

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    Great report and glad y'all were on 'em.

    I was at Buggs with my boys Friday thru Sunday out of OSP. I only made a few casts from the bank on Friday with the impending weather coming in that evening. I caught a decent one on my 2nd cast...and felt pretty good till I woke up Saturday morning. Quite the difference overnight.

    Saturday, we started about 8:30am and fished till about 12:30, and basically struck out. Only one nice slab on a spinnerbait. Sunday, we did a little better with a few decent fish on a jig under floating dock pontoons. Only fished from about 10am to 2pm. I backed out a bit and worked some points as you mentioned above, but never hooked up.

    In hindsight, I wish I had towed up to either Rudds or Eastland as I had considered several times. I know there are far more 'secondary' points available in those areas. I spoke with our 'neighbors' at the state park Friday eve, and they whacked 'em on Friday day as well. They spent their time in Eastland and Rudds on that day too.

    Oh well...Had a great time with my boys regardless of the slow (and limited time) fishing.

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    Good job Ken! Sounds like a fun weekend of catching! Great report!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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