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Thread: Lka 4/23-4/24

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    Default Lka 4/23-4/24

    Hit the lake with my dad and a cousin from Kentucky Saturday morning. We pulled gizzard shad and blueback herring on planer boards, and ended up with 5 keepers.
    Sunday morning my brother went with me and we managed to get 2 keepers.
    Some fish were in 5' of water. Some fish were in 20' of water.
    We fished both mornings on the Pamunkey side.
    Water temp was 66*.

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    Cool to hear man. I was out Friday the 22nd. Got to the lake after sun was up to catch bait because of the full moon cycle (and laziness). We pulled small shad, herring and big giz for about 3 hours in the middle of the day (12-3pm). Caught 7 total, and saw some AWESOME blowups behind our boards. Were catchin em in 15-20 FOW. Tried some downlines in the channels, no love. We didn't get the slightest bit of attention on gizzards, and we pulled the rivers for a while until we got antsy.

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    Was out the 25th and 26th. Had a heck of a time finding bait on the morning of the 25th... assume that's the impact of the near full moon and perfectly clear/sunny skies. Most bait schools on sonar found after sunup were small and scattered. As the earlier posts say, saw no real pattern either day; would catch one on a board in 10 FOW, then catch another in 25 FOW on a downline. All fish caught were on herring and we had about 4 keepers on the 25th but only a few small ones on the 26th. Mainly fished the splits and up past Dillards'.

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