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Thread: Delaware 5/13-5/16

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    Got to the campground after 10pm on Friday to set up, and then arrived at IRI sometime after 11. Fished the North jetty until 3am and caught nothing. Saw a couple schoolies caught by bait fisherman on the ocean side but that was the only activity.
    Saturday morning I did some wading in the bay. Water was dirty and the bite was slow. I fished for 4 hours, got bit off by one big blue and caught one flounder on a Fin-S. It was a keeper, but not by much.

    After that I hit a couple local shore spots and caught nothing, then went back to IRI at night. There was nothing going on at all.

    Sunday was really windy, so I stayed off the big water and hit a few sheltered spots for flounder. Water still looked like chocolate milk everywhere I went. Only had 1 bite all day, it was a thick 23Ē flounder that went 5.2lbs.

    Fished IRI on Sunday night, and it was a repeat of the previous two nights. I only stayed for a couple hours so it could have picked up later on, but it was dead while I was there.

    Monday was just like Sunday, very windy with filthy water everywhere. I tried to wade but it was hopeless in the rough brown water so I called it quits after maybe 40 minutes. Tried a couple other shore spots around Lewes but caught nothing, then left for home around 11am.

    Slow, slow trip but fun anyway. Canít wait to get back after the water has cleared up.

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    Love me some flounder! One of my favorite fish to eat!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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