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Thread: E70 Kerr, 21 May 2016 - the Windows 10 version

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    Default E70 Kerr, 21 May 2016 - the Windows 10 version

    So, I was about 1/2 way thru the first try at this when my computer began the Windows 10 upgrade on its own. In fact, I remember hitting the 'no' button when the prompter came up for the upgrade. WTF do I know? The machine is obviously smarter than me (not hard) so here we are. I'm sure there's some sorta conspiracy thing going on here but it's too late now.

    Steve and I headed down to Kerr on THUR. I spent THUR on Gaston finishing up the break-in on the new powerhead. I managed to fish a little in between runs. Water is up on Gaston (as you might suspect) and stained just about everywhere. Temps were surprisingly low - 63* at the upper end of Poplar where I put in, 63.9* in the back of Hubquarter, 63.4* in Six Pound. Had ~2-3 of viz just about everywhere. The very backs of creeks were a little bit clearer. Noticed bait just about everywhere in the creeks from midsection to the very back. Small pods of herring and gizz. Caught one fish off of a bed (quite by accident). Didn't see the bed until after I had released it. Looks like the fish on Gaston are still coming up. This fish came out of willow grass. Did not see any submerged grass but really didn't look hard. The willow grass is everywhere and looking good. Maybe better than I've ever seen in the ~20 years I've been going there.

    Kerr practice day - Steve and I did our usual routine: split the lake in half with each having a list of assigned places/conditions to check out. Uplake is heavily stained but you still have 12-18" of viz in the worst places. Water is clearer around the flooded brush. Water clears as you make your way down lake. Area just beyond (east of) Goat Island is the break point (ruffly). At 304+ just about everything is in the water except the OSP picnic tables. We spread our time evenly between brush and structure, intent on having something we could fall back on if the buck brush bite died or didn't play out. Water temps were steady between 67-71*. Prob still a few stragglers waiting to move up. Lotsa fish in the post-spawn stage. I started out in the back of a major feeder creek working the outside edge of brush along the main creek channel ledge. I banged out two solid keepers quickly on a buzzbait, then switched to other moving baits (spinner, crank, chatter). Worked my down the creek hopping points and hitting off shore stuff without a nibble. From there I moved to the area near North Bend Park and started working main lake coves and cuts, bluffs, and mainlake points. Banged out a couple of punks on a jig and a fluke, then had two nice keepers on a c-rig. I fished some stretches of brush intermittently. Most of my bites there came on the fluke. From there I jumped back uplake and fished in the dirty water. Found a couple of main lake cuts that had brush and tons of flotsam jammed up in them. Had a good time working the wood with the fluke and a jig. Managed a couple of very nice fish in the process. After that I focused on wrapping up the last bit of break-in on the big motor. Got a couple of good runs in on her. No issues.

    TX day - Tale of two weather conditions. FRI was sunny, mild, with light winds. SAT was rainy, windy, and about as nasty as it gets. Steve did a superb job of getting us to stop #1, the back of a creek down lake. We worked flooded timber and brush w/ jigs, spinnerbaits, and flukes w/ only 2 punks to show for it. I missed a solid fish on the fluke while Steve had a couple of misses on his jig. We bounced to the other side of the lake and worked a couple of main lake points. Steve lost a very nice keeper while flipping the brush while I struggled to make a basic cast or effect a proper hookset. We saw all of the right stuff on the electronix - bait and fish everywhere. Just not any interested in what we were doing. After a while we decided it was time for a change. We jumped back uplake to the dirtier water to the wood-jammed mainlake cut I'd fished in practice. It didn't take long once we got to the good stuff. We banged out 3 solid keepers on jigs in about 10 minutes. Keeper #4 (and our best fish of the day) came about 30 mins later on a fluke. I managed to miss two more fish in the process after some pretty miserable hookset attempts. With ~ an hour to go we hopped main lake cuts back to OSP looking for keeper #5 but it wasn't to be for us. We'd had our chances to bag 5 keepers and failed to execute. We weighed 4 fish for 8.27 (3.33 BF).

    Observations: 1) FRI was a catching kind of day, the kind of day we dream about. We assumed the weather would change that but it didn't. SAT turned out to be a catching day for most (but not us). 2) Fish were tight to brush. I mean their scales were rubbing bark. It took a perfect pitch or cast to get bit. We saw the same thing when we started fishing wood. Fish were tight to it. Make the perfect cast and you were rewarded. 3) Jig did most of the damage for us today. You could throw any color you wanted as long as it was black/blue. Lighter jigs (<3/8 oz) worked better for us. 4) We marked tons of baitfish everywhere. Small pods hovering over main channels or close to off shore structure. Did not see any feeding activity associated w/ any of these. 5) We had one little spot in our logjam cove where we had three or four bites in a two minute span. Every time we pitched into that area we got bit. This was more a case of density of cover than a matter of hitting a school of fish. There was a ton of stuff under the water and just about all of it was holding fish. Patience was key. Work areas like this thoroughly to exploit all of the potential. 6) Having a back-up plan/pattern was a life saver for us.

    So, a disappointing performance on what has been our best body of water. Not a function of no fish. We had our chances but failed to execute. If we perform and execute basic hooksets we probably finish with 11 or 12 lbs. There was a ton of learning after this event.

    In spite of the execution issues we had a blast. Our FoM travel mates Dave and Brad made for another fun weekend. Steve Camp and his crew put on an other terrific show.


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    Thanks for the nice report B. You always do provide a lot of good info. Good luck with the next event.
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    Missed you guys completely this time! lol Maybe next time! It was a dinkfest for pop and I...

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    Great report 31! Sux on the lost fish but days like that happen. This weather sux too! At least yall were on the water!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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    Great report as always 31! Sorry to hear about the missed opportunities, those things are what drives us crazy and keeps up coming back all at the same time.

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    Nice report 31. Get 'em next time.

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    Nice report, I'll try to post my report, got real phone now so adapting as I go

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