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    Well first trip since the transom replacement and it went well. Took my Dad and my brother we had a good trip. Went bottom fishing Friday went to Buckroe Beach area first and that was not productive drifted there for about an hour with no bites so decided to hit Back river reef area. Got there and first drift we caught some keeper croaker mainly on blood worm fish bites but some on squid the second drift was much the same and then dad pulls up a keeper grey trout (first for us in several years). end the day there with rough 70 keeper croaker nad 1 grey trout. I forgot how i hate cleaning croakers.......... Saturday we ran to the 3rd island where we caught some small croakers while trying to flounder fish. Say a boat hit the island and capsize both guys were fine on the rocks and the CG was fast getting there. We then started riding looking for cobia after finding no love on the bridge pilings we headed up the bay finally seeing a fish and couldn't get it to bite. off the water at 2 to go get some crabs to take home.

    All and all was a good trip first time on the water in a loooooong while so i had a good time the boat did well also with the new transom. Will be back down in a couple of weeks to do it all again.

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    Cool deal that the boat did well and you snagged a few fish for the frying pan too! Good job!

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    Glad y'all made it back to the beach... Good work.

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