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Thread: Because I love you!

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    Default Because I love you!

    As I work through my grief, I have come to realize, that even if I were looking down from heaven, I couldn't bear to watch my wife suffer with this kind of hurt. There's no cure for this. So in loving honor of my beloved wife, and because I love her, I'm glad to be the one chosen to carry this burden. To endure the pain, hurt, and loneliness to come. I couldn't bear the thought of her having to do this.
    God knew what he was doing when he summoned her home first. I'm sure I'm the one who was better equipped to get through it, not her. Thank you my Lord for this.
    My love is no match for the love of God, or Jesus Christ. But isn't that what Jesus Christ did for us when he went to the cross? He carried the burden of sin for us because we aren't able to. What Love he has for us. That through his love for us, he was willing to endure the hurt, pain, and being separated from his his Father for even just a moment, so we can have eternal life with him! To bath in his light, love and glory forevermore. What Love he has for us. We cannot come close to comprehending the depth of his love that he has for each one of us.

    If he is knocking at your door, open it and let him in, and he will be sup and you will sup with him. Forever!

    Praise and glory be to the Father and Jesus Christ.
    God bless you all and see ya on the water.
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    May your burden be eased thru the eternal love and Atonement of Christ Jesus.

    We are all praying for you.

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    Your strength and faith is inspiring. You are one heck of a Man JIM!

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    So sorry for your loss sir.
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