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Thread: Food plots in and WI Clover sprayed

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    Default Food plots in and WI Clover sprayed

    Been working on a piece of dirt for a new food plot to add to my Whitetail Institute Clover. Waited for the rain to be forecast and got the seeds sewn. Tall Tine Tubers,winter bulbs and beets, and antler Kings slamdunk with rape,radishes, forage peas,and buckwheat. Will be adding Rye grain as a cover in other areas. The rain came and I'm pretty sure my work will pay off. Just five years ago this was a pine stand.

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    Sounds like a great food plot! Our plots are sprayed and we will be burning them possibly this weekend. Going to do all the planting on Labor Day weekend. We are planting WI oats, Tall Tine Tubers, and a special mix from a guy that works with farmers in our area. Can't wait to see how it all works out! Good luck this season bud!

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    Sounds like a good time, show some pics as it grows in

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    Haven't seen much in the way of rain for about a week and a half and doesn't look like any in the near future. How's that plot holding up?

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