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    I am a 2 year new resident of Virginia. I spend a lot of time on the VDGIF site on fishing regulations, and find some parts of it very confusing. Being new to the idea that all the reservoirs local to me (Ni Lake, Hunting Run, and Motts Run) are closed to fishing in the late Fall till late Spring as well as after 8:00 pm generally, I have been looking into wading, bank fishing, and canoe fishing the Rapidan and Rappahannock rivers during the times the other places are closed. I am excited in the trout, small mouth and large mouth bass opportunities in these rivers as well as the stripped bass, however when I try to find the season and creel limits on stripped bass I get very confused. From what I read, I find stripped bass in the Rapidan and Rappahannock to be 1 per day 20" to 28" May 16 thru June 15 and then again October 4 thru December 31. Can anyone verify this or state it correctly for me? I am retired and purchased the lifetime Virginia trout, salt water, and fresh water license, and fished since I was old enough to pee around Lake Erie, but have never read a set of regulations that are so confusing as Virginia's, then when you throw in things like "Fall Line" and "Tidal Waters", and whether or not you are north or south of a bridge or route number, it makes you just want to stay home. I live in Spotsylvania County, don't know hardly anyone around here but my kids who live fairly close. I expect to wade, or canoe from the Eli's Ford, Hunting Run boat launch, Motts Run Boat Launch, Little Falls Boat Launch, and Hopyard Landing Boat Launch. Can anyone tell me whether or not the current is typically weak enough to get back to these points in a canoe once downstream in the last two (Little Falls and Hopyard Landing.) I appreciate any information that anyone will share.

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    I wouldn't want to try and paddle back upstream to Hopyard against the tide that's for sure.
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    not really confusing when you spend just a lil time getting oriented. to get you started, here are a couple of definitions:

    - fall line = the poi t at which the tidal influence ends. in other words, the river acts like a normal (non-tidal) river with flow going one way

    - tidal waters will experience ebb and flow on a regular, very predictable schedule. knowing this schedule is key to being successful on tidal waters.

    you understand the creel limits perfectly. always a good idea to refer back to the VDGIF site before going out. I've lived in VA for a total of 14 years and I still check, even on waters I know well. fishing from a canoe or kayak will allow you access to places most glas and tin boats can't get to. that said, you'll test your endurance and strength working tides (with and against). timing your outings is key. you'll want to put in while the flow is minimal, allowing you to cover water more efficiently. same-same for the return trip. rowing with a tide is not always a sure fire safe ride. the tides on the Rapp, for example, can absolutely scream. managing those tides in a glas boat is a challenge. where you put in is also key. ideally, you'll want to minimize the distance you have to row. a quick look at maps (I like the GMCO maps for VA waters) will tell you where you can access. a quick look at the tides will help you time it right.

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    PsuHntr ,,,,Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to hear. I have a small trolling motor which I run off the port side in the reservoirs which works out great but certainly would not be enough for tidal water. Can I assume that when the tide is going out it adds to the speed of the current, which is much slower when the tide is coming in? Which tide direction is better fishing?
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    31Airborne I appreciate your advice. You mention things about the tide that I had not considered. Last thing I need is to watch my point of exit pass by because I cannot get to it , or rolled out on some rapids I did not plan for. Maybe a 68 year old man with a bad back should just be satisfied with bank fishing in the tidal portions of the rivers.

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    What confuses me, and please give that right, is a post by Brian (Lip Ripper) on 5-22-14 Chartering a catch of over 100 fish for the day with his clients taking home 20 fish. It appears there were not 20 people on that boat, so either charter fishermen have a higher creel limit, or there were 20 fishermen that took home 1 fish each?

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    That report was from a guide on Lake Anna. On Lake Anna, each person can keep 4 striped bass which measure at least 20 inches, per day. Because the report states they kept 20 fish, that means there were 5 fishermen/women, children under 16 years old, and includes the guide (4 clients + guide = 5 fishermen x 4 fish limit per person = 20 fish limit for that boat that day). That leaves over 80 fish that they caught and released. Released fish were either less than 20", or they kept fishing after having their limit and released all fish...even if those fish caught were over 20". Catch and release is allowed even after a fisherman has their daily limit. Hopefully that clears up some confusion.

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    Yep, that's much clearer, and is exactly what I must have failed to dig deep enough to capture. Missed the part that Lake Anna's limit is different. Also did not understand that once you have your limit you can continue to fish, also that the Guide was considered a fisherman, but then again, why not? Wish they would just word it that clear in the Chapter(s). Thanks again for your assistance.

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