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    While I have lived in Va. for about 20 some odd years,I have never been to Chickahominy,I hunt small game with a PCP rifle,and I am starting to fly fish,I have heard alot about hunting there,and about the fishing,but in boats,is this water such that a person can walk along the shoreline and cast a fly line without a bunch a trees and shrubs all over the place,and is that walk from where you park to the water a long one (such as Lake Drummond ,4 miles,VIA the Washington Ditch)?
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    The non-tidal Chick runs thru one of the biggest swamps (Great Dismal) on the eastern seaboard. It's pretty thick. I'm sure there are places where you can access fishable water on the tidal Chick by foot - marinas, docks, etc. Might not put you along the best of places but then I don't see many doods using a fly rod.

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    Cool,thanks for taking the time to answer my question,it seems it will be one of those take the drive and see.....should be worth it,they say its a camera happy place with lotsa wildlife to shoot with a camera,may even do some small game hunting,not really sure yet,but one thing is for CERTAIN,Ragged Island,and Cavilier suck for hunting,I spend 4 day at the later,and 2 at the Island,didnt see a single bushytail,nor any other life forms ,cept a few hunter and some birds,did manage to stumble on a 4 pointer,it was in a bush about 20 feet from me,stood up ,looked at me,and kinda looked like he was in a daze,my internal stop watch tells me it took him about 7 minutes to figure out he should be some place else right fast,so he just did a dumb dazed slow trot down into a creek bed and was seen no more..........if ya ask me,it wasnt too healthy looking.

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