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    Hey All,

    I've got a 16' aluminum bass boat. don't fish a lot at night but do on occasion. Usually just put in my running lights and then have a battery charged handheld spot light. I was recently given 2 work lights that used to be on the back of a tow truck. They are 5" and have 6 LED each. They are each 550 lumens with 3,900 candela power. Was thinking of attaching them to my boat and running a switch to the dash with a separate set of battery terminals just for the lights. Is thr 550 lumens going to be enough light power or should I look at getting something else?

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    Think you'll have enuff light w/ these. You won't be lighting up any runways but it'll be enuff to navigate by. Also a good safety add. The green/red running lights can be hard to see sometimes, esp when there's a little fog.

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    You may want to check the regulations for "running lights".

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    I have the rear tall "white light" and the green/red light that goes in the front. I was simply going to use these instead of a handheld spot light. I've seen others on LKA and SML run these "head light" at night. Is it legal in VA to use headlights (along with running lights) at night?

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    Navigation Lights

    Recreational boats, while underway, are required to display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility.

    No other lights shall be exhibited that could impair the visibility of required running lights or impair the visibility of approaching vessels.

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