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Thread: VAO 2016 turkey Bowl results

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    Default VAO 2016 turkey Bowl results

    Va Outdoors Turkey Bowl results:
    1st: Jim Whittman- 12.30
    2nd: Wayne Snow +Jeff Morton- 7.20
    3rd: Gary Smith + Crystal - 7.15
    4th: Larry Martin + Lee Martin- 6.90
    5th: Shannon + TJ - 6.65
    6th: Carl Wiegand + Chris Moore- 5.90
    7th: Tim Covington + Rodney - 4.85
    8th: Jack Patterson + Andrew Patterson- 1.80
    9th: Bill Deeds - DNW
    Big Fish: Gary Smith- 5.50
    Congratulations Jim!
    Thanks to all who came out!!
    Thank you Larry, Lee, Jeff for the help fellas. Much appreciated

    Jim's winning bag.( Helping hand from Lee) Congrats buddy!!

    Gary Smith's Tournament Big Fish
    Crank That Jank!

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    Great bbq chef Snow!!! Thanks!! Congrats Jim.

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    Good times. Thanks Wayne (TD) and everyone that showed up. Food was great. Fishing was just OK. Had fun.
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    Great food fair fishing and excellent people. Thanks Wayne for the food, that was some tasty smoked BBQ. The little I was bring home for wife didn't make, as I was caught up at father in-laws trouble shooting heat. Tuff without your tools. By the time I left there it was smelling to good and didn't make the trip home
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