I hardly look at the electronics I have, depending on depth of water I'm fishing I turn them off completely. This has been mostly do to tow and knowing what has given me success and settling in on my ways. I tend to fish small learning and getting to know an area well. Electronics defiantly have a place. I only have your low end elite5 lowrance so down scan and temp. But I would prefer a side image and 3d if i were to go to a lake or river unknown to me. But then a old fashion topo map and regular depth finder can give you a lot of info to get a great start.
Listening to pros the maps are they're best resource then the high end electronics just speed up the tuning on what they've found on there maps.
I would love to put $1500-2grand into some electronics but with my budget I go to realistic mode and just do my best keeping up with those jumping the learning curve and going directly to the fast lane.
Believe me riding in the back of a friends boat who left side imaging on allowed me to see and catch fish he was missing because I was seeing there placement.