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Thread: Kerr 28/29 Feb Need Info

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    Default Kerr 28/29 Feb Need Info

    Headed down to Kerr Tue/Wed for a crappie fishing trip. Anybody on the board have any up to date info on what ol papermouth is doing down that way?

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    They're up, Charlie. Start skinny and work your way back. Been on the road -sorry for the late reply.

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    Man, what a bust. We hit the water early Tue AM in Buffalo, zeroed, went to Bluestone, zeroed. Hit some cuts below Okaneechee, zeroed. We caught 1 fish all day and it was a peckerhead white bass. Talked to probably 6 other boats, one boat had three, everybody else was sitting on a zero. No idea what we were doing wrong. Water temp 58ish. With the incoming bad weather today, we hit the road and only fished one day. We spider rigged most of the time and spent a bit of time throwing a 1/16 oz jig on the little bit of wood that was in the water. Water level is down and most of the wood is high and dry.

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