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Thread: VA East FoM, 25 MAR 2017

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    Default VA East FoM, 25 MAR 2017

    Anna won today (again). Made adjustments based on what we saw on electronix. Nothing worked. What began with a flurry ended in a fizzle.

    Practice. THUR was a little coolish. 24* air temps and 46* water temps at HPM. Saw 52* in Valentine, 50 in Levy, 46 up in Terry's. Temps warmed throughout the day, in some places by as much as 6-7 degrees. the only thing that didn't warm was the bite. I did find a few willing to eat an underspin and a c-rig but nothing that I could put into a pattern. The bait had pulled back over main creek channels and creek mouths. Saw virtually nothing in the shallows.

    FRI was markedly better. Still a cool start to the day but it warmed up nicely as the winds laid down in the afternoon. Found plenty of fish willing to eat a c-rig, a jig, and a couple on a spinnerbait. These fish came from 4-8' and were holding right on first breaks. Places that had been void of bait on THUR were choked with it on FRI. Not every creek or cove but those w/ bait were jacked. Secondary points and adjacent transition lanes were best and the most consistent. This bite held up in clear and stained water for me throughout the day. With that my plan for SAT was set.

    TX day. Steve and I drew #12 (of 22) and headed to the clearer water. The day started out nicely - nailed a 2.5 lb'er on the c-rig about 5 mins into our first stop. I was marking fish and bait like I had the day before but nothing had any interest in anything I threw after that first bite. From there we bounced from spot to spot, picking up one downlake and one midlake before the bite died out for us. We went the final 4 1/2 hours of the TX without so much as a sniff. We marked fish holding on rock and brush and fished it hard but no love. We finished the day w/ 3 fish for 5.06.

    Observations: 1) Water conditions are about as varied as one could hope for. Gin clear vic the dam, slight stain midlake (~3-4' viz), heavily stained up in the rivers (~2' viz), downright muddy in very back of Terry's (0 viz). Temps warmed from 46 at launch on THUR to 52 on TX day (HPM). Saw 58* downlake later in the day. Water up in the rivers warmed to 54. 2) Bait was scattered and spotty in some places, stacked in others. Did not see any feeding activity w/ any of this. 3) We marked fish holding on first breaks in 4-8', on rock and wood in 20', and everything in between. 4) We also marked a lot of fish suspended over open water. We couldn't figure this out. Conditions and temps were improving and stabilizing. We expected to see the fish moving up and turning on. Nope. They were acting like it was THUR and freezing cold after a hard front. 5) The fish we caught were very healthy and fat. Dark green. They'd been up for a while. 6) We threw shallow runners, medium runners, and deep runners - no takers. Nothing on the spinnerbait or underspin. Nothing working on moving baits for us at all. We didn't throw a jerkbait all day. In retrospect maybe that was the thing to do w/ all of the suspended fish we were seeing.

    So, Anna wins again. Not a total loss tho' Got to see many old friends. Was especially good seeing Jim Sutton up and at it again. He gave a truly inspiring message at the meeting on FRI. Next stop: SML w/ VA West.


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    Good report 31! I think Saturday was a tough bite everywhere overall.

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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    Thanks for the report B! Nice seeing you at the meeting, it was a tough one for sure.

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