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Thread: James River Priority 3/25

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    Default James River Priority 3/25

    This was my first experience with this series, and the day only marks a handful of times I've been on the James. My neighbor let me know he needed a partner earlier in the week, and fortunately the stars lined up for me to jump on board.

    From the get-go he felt there was something wrong with his TM, and ultimately it played out to really limit us as the day progressed and the wind picked up. We made a run to start and hit a few spots he was familiar with on hard-cover docks and cypress knuckles. My partners confidence was in the spinner-bait, but I was throwing a handful of moving and slow baits to see if something else was working. We spent most of the morning in the one creek running a set of spots, but with the TM problems we couldn't attack them the way he wanted. There were other spots he didn't even bother with given the wind and TM situation. We caught 3 on spinner-bait in there.

    We then ran up a ways to another small creek and managed to squeak out 2 more keepers to finish our limit about noon or so. Both those came on plastics on wood.

    We finished the day further up river around Deep Bottom and did everything we could to upgrade, but no luck. We finished the day middle of the pack with 10.17.

    I had a great time, despite the challenges. I spent some time at the con putting the boat in position with the big-motor, then dropping power poles. This ultimately left me limited in targets, but that's how it goes some times. Like I said, this was my first Priority event, and now that fear of such a big tourney is gone. I will likely jump in on some more either as his co, or in my own ride as the season progresses.

    Good luck to all on the 8th.

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    Good to see you there bud! Glad you had fun but a bummer to have tm trouble on a day like that! Good job!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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