Thanks everyone for the congratulations yesterday. My partner Brian Barry, is good luck. It seems every time I fish with him we break the 20 pound mark, lol. Ya'll might want to take him with you next take you go out.

Because of the cold front, I started with the same pattern I was using two weeks ago. A Carolina Rig, in 8 to 12 foot of water. The majority of our fish came out of Pigeon Creek. Finding two big bass together on a brush pile was just plain dumb luck. They were staged on brush piles on a secondary point near the channel. A classic situation. I used a 3/8th weight and a 12 to 14 inch 12 pound test leader...because it comes through heavy cover pretty good. My bait of choice was a watermelon candy Z-Hog with a little chartreuse on the tail.

Thanks Wayne, for the chow buddy. It was awesome as always.
Our VAO tournaments rock!
Great guys, conversations and food! Oh yea, great sticks too.
Thanks, Tony Barrix Jr for helping me get our fish to the scales...and you too Aaron for snapping the pics. Getting old sucks, lol.

See ya on the water. God bless, and love you.