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Thread: Buggs Island Memorial Weekend

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    Default Buggs Island Memorial Weekend

    Went camping with the family at Rudds creek for the weekend, we got down there about 5 on friday and left at 10am monday to try and beat the traffic for the tow home. As most of our trips I pull the camper and the wife tows the boat.

    I had checked water levels about mid week and they were at 303, our site was a bit off the water so I was hoping to be able to beach the boat close, to my suprise the water was 305.6 when we arrived Friday and up to 307.3 when we left on Monday, so having the boat at the site wasn't a problem.

    I don't have a full blown report, in the rush of a hectic week and packing up I left both of my graphs at home, so I don't even know the water temp. I do know the water was waaay in the bushes so I just kicked it old school and fished what was in front of me. I didn't do any real running around because there are alot of new obstructions and shoals that aren't marked when the level is that high, because its normally clear that its dirt. I checked my Navionics app and picked two sections of bank with fairly tight contour lines, going off the thought that with a steeper bank it *should* concentrate the fish a little better, instead of them having a whole forest to swim around in.

    My son and I fished around an hour or so first thing in the morning each day and then about the same in the afternoon, the steep bank theory worked enough to give us a few fish in the 1.5lb range each trip out. I capped the weekend with a 3.5 pounder on a pop-r Sunday evening which was the biggest of the weekend. Most fish came on a T-rig creature bait or a senko, Sunday morning and evening I had alot of fun with the Pop-r and stuck to throwing that.

    All in all it was a great weekend with the family and beautiful weather there, I know M-ville got hammered pretty hard with lightning and hail on Saturday.Name:  bugsboat.jpg
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    nice fish, Andy. yep, Kerr is more dangerous when the water's up than when it's down. you played it right/smart IMHO.

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    Nice report, and sounds like a fun little trip.

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    Good job man! Camping and fishing with the family is a great time!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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