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Thread: Sml 16 jun 2017

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    Fished the AM (from 0600-1000). Tried to time it to be off before the next wave of storms rolled thru. I couldn't have cut it any closer.

    Put in at the state park ramp. Saw 81* there w/ ~clear water. Good viz but there's a lil tint to the water color. Algae bloom maybe? Headed up lake to work main lake cuts and creeks south of the 122 bridge. No takers on top but found plenty of fish willing to eat my jig, a medium runner, and a c-rigged critter bait. Secondary points and riprap were the ticket. Had one ~ 4 lbs on the crankbait. Fat, chunky fish. Very healthy. The catch of the morning however was the brave 4" SM that tried to eat a 3" crankbait. Lil bastage had a face full of hook. Kills me how these fish will attack things bigger than they are.

    Observations: 1) Temps held steady between 81 and 82*. Sun was in and out of the clouds so no early AM warm-up. 2) The tint on the water gets a lil more pronounced the further back into creeks/cuts you go. Doesn't look like sediment. Again, my guess is it's an algae bloom. Water temps are about right for it. 3) Lots of bait everywhere back in creeks/cuts. Lots of small pods, many of them shallow (<15'). I did not see any subsurface or topwater feeding. 4) All of my fish came off of first breaks in 5-8'. These fish were actively feeding. 5) Bass were keying on crawfish today. They had fun pulling the claws off of my trailers. I threw right back every time only to have the other claw eaten. They took the jig on the final follow-up.

    No trip to SML is complete without a boat ramp story. I pulled up to the state park ramp to recover just as an adult and a small kid were launching their jet skis. They were moving w/ a lil bit of purpose (a rarity) so I thought "no prob, I'll be up and on the trailer in no time." Wrong. This dood proceeds to tied up his skis onto the pier between the two ramps and walks away leaving both ramps blocked. As I'm parking my sled to go fetch my truck he and the kid are sitting at the picnic table drinking a Coke. As fate would have it, the skis drifted away from their tie-downs and cleared one side. I bit my tongue (another rarity). I was sorely tempted to give him a lil lesson in ramp etiquette. He prob wouldn't have understood so what diff does it make. Ahh, this entitled generation . . .


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    Nice work 31
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Sounds like a productive outing. Thanks for sharing
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