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Thread: Navionics Sonar Chart Event Chick River July 30th

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    Default Navionics Sonar Chart Event Chick River July 30th

    I will be hosting a Navionics SonarChart even Sunday July 30th starting at 8am. Bring your boat and your depthfinders we will break up and record sonar to help better the maps of the river for fisherman and boaters. For your efforts in recording sonar you will receive one free year of Navionics Freshest Data Updates thats a $99 value. So if you card is expired now would be a good time to come out and help record sonar. We will be meeting at Rivers Rest Camp ground. If you want to know if your unit is capable of recording sonar or have any questions about the event please contact me at

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    For those that couldn't make it to the SonarChart event on the Chick River on July 30th, the information that we have recorded is now available. I recorded in areas like Black Stump and Yarmouth Creek. The information is now available for updating through the App and card. If you want better charts on the Chick River I feel free to update the SonarCharts. There is now 1ft contours in those areas I recorded in. Name:  IMG_0102.JPG
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