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Thread: Summer catfishing reports

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    Default Summer catfishing reports

    This year I have fished, I know some of you wont believe me but its true. I have made three trips down to the James this year searching for some nice flatheads and blues. Usual setup - drifting live bluegills through deeper holes. All three trips have been with Aaron - but Erik has also made it out. First trip was around July 4th, and two more since then, with the last being this past monday. Each trip was good, caught a few of each species. The water back around the 4th was over 5 feet, while this last trip was barely 3.5 feet. The summer heat is definitely dropping the water levels, and we havent had any real rain to help out. This last trip, the water was low and getting fairly clear. I was concerned that the cats would stat getting spooky because of the clarity, but we managed to catch 9 cats this past Monday - 5 of which were nice flatheads. The water is very easy to wade, but still need a life jacket as some of the holes we swam to were over 8'.

    A few of the pics.

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    Wading for big catfish sounds like a lot of fun. Nice catches!

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    I'll add my pics here. I've been twice, once with my son, and once with my wife. Both trips yielded big blues and big flats, with one flat a citation. It's so much fun going down there and battling it out. I love the anticipation that comes with every bobber drop...not knowing if its a 5lber, or a 35lber. Just pull, and hold on.

    Watching him battle this thing was absolutely the best. He 'JayT'ed the rod at one point, but I gave it back to him and told him to man up, and reel it in on his own. LOL

    Citation Flathead - exactly 40"

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    Nice fishin fellas. Not a catfish fan, but those look like fun. BTW....nice scribble of the "lime green cow" in the third picture
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