Went down to Buggs this past weekend with the sole goal of running the graph on off shore stuff and trying to find some bass or striper. Finding the fish was the easy, almost every spot that I thought "looked good" had fish on it....However, most of the fish we found seemed to be catfish, and we caught a ton...I'd imagine we caught 20-30 catfish, some white perch, some sunfish that must not have vauled his life out in 20 feet of water and we did manage a few bass and even one Wallleye on a D/S....Some of the schools of fish I think were bass, they were positioned like bass and wouldn't bite....After fishing the day we found out that they have been pulling almost no water lately so I'm sure that didn't help out our plan but was still fun to get out and do some looking and some catching. Most of the fish we focused on were around 18-25 feet. Hope to spend some more time down there this winter.