Tonight's trip was a two boat trip with a great group of 4 snakehead fisherman. Tide came in good but ran out quick. First 15 minutes we had a snakehead pushing a Zipping Ziggy around three times but did not hook up. We fished some good areas and saw lots of fish. Most just turned there nose up at our lures. I changed lures several times attempting to pinpoint the right lure but it was all not the right choice. A bit of a competition was set before we launched.
Later in golden hour the LGMouth ate our poppers well enough. Catfish on top water and a white perch about 9 inches also. Interesting evening with a fun group of fisherman.

Capt Mike

Another scorcher today. Today's double boat crew was really fun to fish with. We had an early follow that just basically stopped and laid on the top of the grass as we watched. We saw active fish and had one explode and miss the toad. I switched one fisherman up to a special lure I don't use very often. Ten minutes later, a nice snakehead in the boat. We took a beer break and got back to work. As the tide went out and we moved to another spot, the cigars came out. Not a lot fishing after that. Real fun crew tonight

Capt Dave