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Thread: Powhatan WMA Evening Report 8-19

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    So I slept in after landing and getting home Friday night around 1AM, decided to load the kayak up and try Powhatan in the evening since I didnt have too much time. I figured I would go deep in the back and try working the creeks etc. Still trying to unlock these fish, but I think I had got some of it worked out. Caught several fish on a zoom super fluke in glimmer blue. Also had a nice pickerel on until he popped the line - lost two good ones now at the lakes. As for the pads, still not much. Plenty of action from panfish sucked bugs off the surface, but still no real action from the bass - even way up inside where most would ignore. I didnt do any flipping because its too painful and boring for me to sit there and do, but might just to see. I did finally get a blow up on the spro rat but he missed getting anywhere near a hook - big swirl and splash and yet my rat just sat there in the water.

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    I've had a lot of those non-contact blowups this year. Stupid bass make such a big ruckus and don't even touch the lure. It's like they're teasing you.

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    You need to flip those thick pads with a punch rig!

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    Yeah, if you could flip those pads, you'd probably do alright.

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    Pretty lake.
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