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    On Sunday I decided to go try Amelia Lake on the WMA, with 100+ acres I was willing to try something different. Immediately I was liking the shorelines all the way around, plus having old standing timber in the middle was attractive. I was the second one on the water at sun up, the first boat went left, so I headed to the right. I wanted to throw the whopper plopper around the wood in the middle so I paddled out. Immediately was running into problems with grass fouling the hooks etc. and switch to some soft plastics - nothing. I head to the bank where the floating handicap dock is and managed a nice bass on the point on a fluke. Lots of fish crushing bait on the shore but they were all smaller bass. Kept making my way down the right side towards the dock. I saw several really nice gar right on the bank chasing bait but could get any of them to chasing a lure. The one thing that made it tougher was that so much of the bank looks good, but the reality is that its fairly shallow all along the bank in most spots. Herons were able to wade a good ways out of the shoreline - in fact I saw more great blue herons on this lake then at any other single small body of water. I counted 6 different blue herons just working the right side of the lake. Worked my way to the dam and then began fishing down the other side. Managed to catch 3 or 4 bass but nothing all that big. As I worked down the left side I started to count boats. By 9AM there were 7 others on the water (again only 100 acres), with another backing down the ramp. I figured just pack it up and head out. I would definitely come back with some live bait though.

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    I visited that lake must have been over 20 years ago. We just fished from the shore and there was grass every where. I remember catching a small bass on a plastic lizard while a giant followed him. Never caught the giant or anything else.
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