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Thread: Cobia Fishing 8/19/17

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    Default Cobia Fishing 8/19/17

    Went out of Back River to the Baltimore channel early pitching eels to the buoys. On the 4th one or so i pitched the eels and there was a Cobia there on the chain. I get out and up to the top and there were 3 more with him all little dinks but we throw the jig and get one to take that and hand that to my buddies 13 year old. I get mine in and he is 2" short of keeping and didn't put up much of a fight. The little one put up a much better fight and it was fun to watch. We worked more Buoys and ran the bridge with no luck. We strarted towards home and ran more Buoys then found the last fish of the day feel really bad that he was to short as well as he killed the jig and was WAY WAY deep hooked he left the boat with the jig which i hate but the law is the law.

    This is the last one

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    Nice going Rick, sux that the fish came up short.

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    Oh man too bad, that would have been a keeper last year!

    Good pics and report. Catching a nice cobia is gonna be my mission next year.

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