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Thread: Nawney Creek..or is it Nanny's ...Back Bay

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    Default Nawney Creek..or is it Nanny's ...Back Bay

    I vote Nawney. This little feeder creek never disappoints this time of year and is great for kayak fishing. We arrived late afternoon and managed some decent action on superfluke type baits and PoP R baits. I noticed less vegetation than years past but the water is nice and stained.

    My buddy outfished me as usual landing nice three and pound bass on the Pop R. For my efforts, I had two nice fish on the topwater but both wriggled free. All the bigger fish were caught in the back of the creek where bigger boats couldn't go.

    I landed 6 on the GY version, of the Superfluke all 1 pound to 2 pounds. Nice day on the water.
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    Nice work on those fish, sounded like a fun day. On maps its spelled Nawneys, but the refuge refers to it as Nannys

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