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Thread: Pamunkey River - 9/9/17

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    Default Pamunkey River - 9/9/17

    Last time I had the boat out was stinking Memorial Day...and it was a mess of day with a host of battery problems and boat alarms. With a super busy summer it sat in the garage, and collected dust. I'm disappointed in myself for neglecting the gal for so long, but I renewed my faithfulness on Saturday.

    I dropped a new battery in, topped of the oil res, and ran her in the driveway and all was good. My wife said I should take the boys fishing, but with baseball practice at 2pm, it was a tight squeeze. I went for it and tossed my 2 (of 3) boys in the truck and shot over to the Pamunkey for a shakedown run. Got there at dead low, and I mean dead in I was worried about getting the boat in without dropping off the ramp, and even more so if it was to drop any more and I would be stuck on the river waiting for some water to come back in.

    All was good though, and we had a good short run on the boat, then I hit a series of pilings I had won a tournament on some years ago. They still held fish, and on the first pass with no water movement I missed one and landed one on a shakeyhead. With only about an hour total of available time, I worked back down the set, this time with water already quickly moving back in. At the last set, with a just a few minutes to spare, I hit a fun flurry. First cast (crankbait) had my line over a piling and decent fish hooked up and was thrashing around till the line worked off the piling. I fought it for a few cranks, but it came off as I never got a good hook into her, but then I proceeded to catch 4 or 5 small keepers over the course of the next 7-10 casts - #crankthatjank. My boys thought it was neat to see me hook-up on like 3 casts in a row too. All in all really fun, albeit a very brief trip, and a much needed 'success story' after the 12-hour goose egg beatdown of the Potomac River Iron Man.

    After I burned up that set of pilings, we had to run...and fast. So we rolled out, packed up, got home and off to baseball practice...we were 5-min late...(Ooops)

    Glad to have my lady back up and running, with no apparent issues, and I'm really looking forward to the ORF Fall Warrior Classic this Saturday.

    Like I said - the boys had a blast...

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    Thank God For Rednecks

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    another set of great pics, erik. you are a terrific dad.

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    Message me


    Looks like good times
    2017 Ironman winner

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    very cool!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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