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    Default Fall Bass Classic 2017

    The 10th Annual Fall Bass Classic for Wounded Warriors was held by Veterans Outdoor Fund (new name), yesterday and it was a prefect day for all of the Veterans, families, and boat captains. VAO represented well with Col. Lindamood, Erik Lunde, Macon Alexander, Wayne Snow, Chris Craft, and a few old members as well. On Friday I spent the day with an Army buddy of Brian's (Jerry) and we used his very nice Phoenix. Basically showed him around because he had never fished Anna before. Took him to some usual spots that "should" hold fish this time but 4 small fish is all we could muster.
    Tournament day I drew an Army Vet, (John Pastino), who BTW fished the VDFT last year and is already registered for this year. Great guy and loves to dropshot, but wanted to learn a little more about cranking and the cold side. He and his family have a place on the hotside and he doesn't get to the "good" side very So we hit a lot of stuff up lake by cranking and it only produced one nice chunk of almost 3 lbs. Came back down lake around Noon and went into Contrary docks and caught one more D/S'ing. Hit my deep spot further down lake and that produced nothing but one dink on a C-rig. With 40 minutes left we went inside Sturgeon Creek to a set of docks which always seem to hold 1 or 2 and it didn't disappoint. Caught 2 on a shakeyhead with minutes left and blew in. Had 8.37 lbs which I think put us in the top 10. Great day, great people and most of all great Veterans and I can't thank them enough for their service.
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    Sounds like a good Anna day
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    Good day Larry!

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