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    Will be heading to Aqualand at the end of the month to camp and fish for 2 days. Have never fished the Lower Potomac before, so looking for any advice, tips, tricks, etc. that any are willing to share. I'm an Upper Potomac regular fishing for smallmouth and catfish, but not really sure what to expect in the area of the 301 bridge. Will be fishing out of my buddies fiberglass bass boat, so we have the boat to motor around a bit. Using the same lures and techniques that we would for small and largemouth bass, can we expect some success? Better for us (bass fishermen) to head up river or down river from the 301 bridge? Not opposed to target other species, but I already have more tackle than one man needs (don't we all?) so not really looking to have to buy a bunch of extra tackle just for these 2 days if that's what it would take.

    About Aqualand, decent spot to tent camp for 2 nights? Any other campsites you guys would recommend? There are a few state parks on the VA side that we were considering, but decided on Aqualand for now since it is private and offers a few more amenities than the state parks do. But would like to find something a bit further up river so we can more easily fish the Maryland creeks for bass.

    Any and all info. regarding the Lower Potomac for a new guy to the area is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Not sure about the bass fishing down around 301, as a saltwater license is required below the bridge. Since y'all can move around, I do know there's plenty of bass in the creeks of Nanjemoy (or at least there used to be...) and up towards Potomac Creek and Aquia Creek.

    If you make the run up towards those places bring plenty of baits that can work around heavy grass. It'll probably be starting to die out, so find the healthiest grass in the cleanest water you can, and have at it. Plastics, swim jigs, chatter-baits, topwaters should all get the trick done.

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