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Thread: ORF Fall Bass Classic - LKA 9/16/17

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    Default ORF Fall Bass Classic - LKA 9/16/17

    Came out for my 3rd time at the Fall Bass Classic, and we had a blast. I was paired up with a fella named Joe who serves in Motor T up at Quanitico. Good dude, and we enjoyed chatting about a little bit of everything throughout the day. From military service, to families, to music to weight lifting...and everything in between, we pretty much covered it all.

    I hadn't been on the lake since I think January, and just decided to run some history. I figured the grass would be good for some bites, and it certainly didn't disappoint, at least not from a numbers standpoint. We ran a familiar stretch catching fish on small jigs, finesse plastics and crankbait pretty much most of the day. In total we landed 15-20 fish, but none that were sizeable by any means. We lost a few that would have helped, but in the end our limit was a scant 6.5lbs. Regardless, we had a blast as the young Marine caught his fair share too, and I'd like to think he learned a bit as well, that he can take back to base when he's out on his kayak.

    We finished up the day by heading back out in Sturgeon Creek area to try and catch a few more. Joe, his buddy and myself worked our way around a few docks and points with drop-shots, but we only had one fish to show for it. Again though, just good getting out and chatting up with these dudes.

    Good times all the way around, and its great every year to have the opportunity to host and serve these dudes (and some gals). Glad to give back a bit...and I'm already looking forward to next years event.

    Taking a dip at the end of the day was pretty nice too. LOL

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    Sounds like a good time, glad you could get some time out.

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    Good stuff Ek!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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