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Thread: Pike and walleye fishing recommendation

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    Yeah Deep Creek is a pretty good suggestion. Not really a secluded wilderness lake experience, but it has all the fish you're looking for and it's only a few hours away.

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    Thank you for your help I will look up Deep Creek you guys are great

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    Big Walley and Big Smallies can be had at Presque Isle Bay in Erie PA. If the weather is up you can stay inside the bay. The offshore reefs near the bay provided me and my pard with 5lb+ LM's, 4+ Smallies, 10lb Walley and 20lb Drum. These reefs were in about 18ft of water. Go 10-20 miles towards Buffalo and fish the offshore reefs in 30ft of water and the teams were bringing in 25+lbs of Smallies each day. Amazing fishery, but you really gotta understand the power of a great lake to appreciate what a 10footer looks like. I also go to Southern Ontario every year and fish the Kawartha Chain of lakes. Basically a river that runs from Huron to Ontario that they put a ton of locks and created a bunch of lakes. Pike, Musky, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walley, Lake Trout. Some lakes have Pike, some have Muskie, some have both interestingly enough. Its probably pushing the limits of your 10 hour limit. Every one of them have resorts with very nice water front cabins that have kitchens and baths and heat. Plenty of local amenities. You can pick how populated you want to be. I've gone way up about 16 hours out and you can be on a lake with no one else.....kind of intimidating at first, but you get in to it real quick....portages, fly in's, etc...

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    Thank you so much, I will start looking that information, what Time of year do recommend going to Canada and not being run out by the mosquitoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by thommas1 View Post
    Thank you so much, I will start looking that information, what Time of year do recommend going to Canada and not being run out by the mosquitoes
    So, I did a trip the first week of June this year, and it was absolutely awesome. Fishing was phenomenal. Here's my report

    The bugs were a hassle, no doubt, but if you go up there prepared they are manageable. I understand that from about July thru September will be mostly bug free, but you won't have the seclusion of a trip during other times of the year.

    In my experience with a trip to Maine, bugs were a non-issue and we were up there 2nd week in August.

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    Fall on Deep Creek Lake is wonderful. Plenty of pike in that lake and while I never target walleye I have caught at least one every time I have fished it.
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