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Thread: Claytor Paddling Trip 10/21/17

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    Default Claytor Paddling Trip 10/21/17

    I would think it was still August for all the fish I caught today, which was a big fat 0. The weather was beautiful but everything else was ugly. I usually come away with something this time of year. I usually see at least a small bait ball around the Boy Scout Camp. I at least see other people catching fish. The only fish I saw were in the mouths of two pretty sizeable otters who were munching on them like a person eats corn on the cob. So my fishing trip turned into just a paddle around the lake. I came across some pretty deer. One doe wasn't spooked by my presence and let me paddle within a few feet of her. Perhaps the dry fall is putting a hurt on the greens. She wasn't leaving the patch she found for anything. Oh well, maybe I'll try again in November.
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    Claytor is a tough not to crack, I'm still trying myself. Anybody know where the stripers are hanging?

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    I've marked them from the river to the dam. They're pelagic so you're gonna hafta cover some water to find them sometimes. Look for the gulls.

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