October Lake Anna fishing report!

This past Sunday was the third day Iíve been on Lake Anna since April. I pre-fished Wednesday and Thursday then the tournament on Sunday. Wednesday didnít go well and nether did Sunday, haha. Thursday was a good day and the bass were feeding pretty good. That being said, the bass still were feeding on the days I didnít do well. Just because I didnít catch em, doesnít mean they werenít feeding.
In retrospect, when I caught em on Thursday, it was on underwater channel points, in 8-12 foot of water...but the key to it, was bait was there too. Everywhere I fished on Sunday, there wasnít as much bait present on the cover / structure as there was on Thursday when I caught em good. Yes, there was bait nearby, but it wasnít ďOnĒ the cover or pushed up on the bank. So: find the bait and you find the bass...but find the bait pushed up on the right cover / structure, and you will catch the bass.

See you on the water my friends. God bless you and love you!