Headed down after work and I was on the water around 9:30pm. Tide was almost bottomed out. Took about 5 minutes to put the first fish in the boat, a speckled trout of maybe 19". Caught a few more smaller trout right after that and I thought I was in for a great night.

Well, in the next 4 hours all I caught were a few schoolie stripers under a dock light. I eventually got one more speck about 18", but that was it. I had a ton of marks on my depthfinder so I know the fish were there, but the bite was simply dead, just one of those nights where the switch was flipped to "OFF". Pulled out at 4am.

I got a few hours sleep in the car and then launched in Lynnhaven Inlet around 8:30am. Weather was beautiful so there were a gazillion boats on the water. Trip started the same way as the previous one, I caught a decent trout on a channel edge right away and then the tide bottomed out along with the bite. A few hours later during the incoming I got on some more small trout, a big ugly oyster toad, and 4 flounder up to 16.5".

I think I pulled out around 3pm. It was a really nice time on the water even if the fishing wasn't spectacular.