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When I first purchased my first yak, I was looking for places to launch in the New River Valley. I followed the signs on 460 on my way back to the office to the public ramp in Pembroke Va. After circling through the parking lot my eyes made contact with the weirdest looking person I had ever seen driving into the lot in his old truck. I am sure he was harmless, but there was something about the way he looked at me that made me feel uneasy. He was greasy with thinning curly hair, Coke bottle glasses, and that open mouthed look that could be a sign of either idiocy or perversion. My mind began to run wild with thoughts that this perverted murderer had ventured over from Peterstown WV in search of new prey to rape and then put into a stew pot, or put into the stew pot and then rape the stew- that order I wasn't sure.

I always fancy myself as the Lewis type, but truth be told in stressful times, I am probably more like Bobby so I hauled butt out of there. I noticed the truck pull out and start heading my way. To make matters worse, I was in a Jeep Liberty which I didn't realize was a girl car with inadequate power until I had already purchased it. I can only imagine what he was thinking. Perhaps, "He sure has a pretty girl car." Fortunately for me, I eventually lost him.

Now I'm sure he was just some nice fellow looking for directions, but sometimes trusting your gut feeling is the safe bet. Especially, in a world where there really is no banjo music playing to forewarn a man of hillbilly raping ahead.
Hey now...I drove a Jeep Liberty for like 12+ years... Towed my boat just fine too. LOL