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    Default Vdft, 11 nov 2017

    They just keep getting better. Larry and the Martin clan put on yet another terrific show at Lake Anna. Lost count of how many boats - 60 or 70 at least. A great cross section of young and old vets, young and old supporters, and folks who just wanted to hang out. Thanks for a terrific day on the water, Dirtman.

    Practice - work travel took me to Richmond last TUES so I took advantage of proximity and used a few holiday hours the rest of the week for some time on Anna. The lake seems like it's in a bit of a funk. My guess is the turnover came late and in spurts (vice one steady process). Being 3' low isn't helping solve the puzzle (unless you live on the lake).

    Saw 64* at launch on WED. Was down to 62* on THUR, 59* on FRI. The water from 208 bridge down is ~clear and often void of any sign of life. A few baitfish pods here and there but nothing like what I saw uplake and in the rivers (stained - maybe 2-3' of viz, baitfish everywhere). Water up in the rivers is 5-7 degrees cooler. I did not venture that far down but one of the anglers told me he fished in 64-65* water vic dike 3 yesterday.

    Was all about ledges in practice - channel ledges, front face of rock formations, hard breaks on points. I didn't find a lot of fish but the few I did find were all hanging in 4-12' right on a break. Presence of bait was key in all locations. No bait, no fish. Crankbait produced the best fish (had a good one ~4.5 lbs on FRI), c-rig produced numbers. I had no (zero) bites on a jig all four days. Squarebill, spinnerbait, popper, and jerkbait also produced.

    VDFT - teamed up w/ Bill Rysanek (USMC, ret) again for this one. We opted for the dirtier water and abundance of bait and headed up into the Pawmunkey arm. Was a cool start (21*). Took us a while to find the sweet spot but after about an hour or so we scored on our first keeper - a typical Lake Anna 1.5 lb fish that was hanging out in front of a rock pile. From there we bounced from rock pile to rock pile, picking up 2 more keeps along the way. Had two bad misses mixed in there. Fish slammed the c-rig and ran w/ it but I failed in the execution (again). In the early PM we motored down to the midlake area where we picked up keeper #4, again off of a rock pile. We finished the day w/ 4 cookie-cutter fish for 5.89.

    Observations: 1) Huge schools of gizz and white bass all over in the uplake areas. The white bass made nuisances of the themselves tearing up our plastics. 2) Saw some surface feeding on THUR and FRI but none on SAT. The feeding activity we did see was small stripers. 4) Everything pulled back out of the skinny water after FRI nite's freeze. Even the panfish pulled back. 4-8' was the sweet spot on THUR. 10-12' was the sweet spot on SAT. 5) We did have a bit of a dock bite going on THUR and FRI. Docks w/ 8+' on the front were the ticket. Bass were holding off of the front pilings.

    The fishing was fun but yesterday was really about sharing a day w/ my bros. Enjoyed visiting w/Macon and Erin on the way up. Fished w/ Jim W on WED, Lil Bit on THUR, and Bill on FRI and SAT. Doesn't get any better than that. Had a fun dinner w/ some of the VAO doodses FRI nite - Tim's never fails to impress.

    Had a chance to visit w/ a couple of young soon-to-be Soldiers and Marines, young men waiting on their induction dates to come up. Very comforting knowing the security of our nation will soon be in the hands of such excellent young men and women.

    Again, a huge thank you to the Martins. A lot of love and hard work goes into this event. It shows in everything y'all do.


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    Ditto buddy! It was good to ride along with ya last week. I have missed that.
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    Nice report, and as always, it was great to hang with y'all this weekend.

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    Spot on 31! Great report. Rock piles with cranks was the ticket for us also Saturday. Maybe a little shallower though. Bite was tough after 10:00. Good seeing you at the event!

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    Ditto Brian on a fantastic event from the Martins 1st class. Our fish mostly came from 4-8' water on feeding fish chasing bait, or bait the was being pushed by loons. Was fun to watch and see.
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    Thank you Brian for all the support you personally provide. Couldn't do it w/o you. And thanks to everyone else also for their continued support.
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