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    Was a little apprehensive for our outing given the prior windy days and fluctuating temps, but put in early at high point and hung lights under the 208. Pulled in hundreds of bait mostly 2-3” threadfin, but found nice herring at 20, below the threadfin... made for a lot of sorting to load the tank.

    At sunup saw birds working lots of shad by the state park but no striper activity, continued up and deployed just above stubbs and pulled boards on the east shoreline into pleasants, popped a 24” keeper almost immediately. Saw lots of bait, but only 1 more short hit over almost 2 hours trolling that basin. Moved above dillards and deployed by the marked rocks under birds. On the second pass, all h$ll broke loose and hooked up a 22”, 24” and 26” at the same, boating all 3 but losing another at the boat that would probably have been about 24”. Lost the school and birds. After an hour, moved further up lake to the next turn, put out boards and popped a solid 26”... turned around and hit another 25”... then two boats blew through on plane and we blanked the rest of the afternoon... all in all, not a great day, but not bad either! Thank goodness for the birds!

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    well done! I'd say you had a good day. yep, the birds are def our friends.

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    Nice report. Thank you!
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    nice report

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    Great report. I'm planning to fish for stripers on Anna once deer season goes out.

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    Glad you got into a few!

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    Got to love when multiple boards or down lines go off at the same time...makes for a fun time. Great Job on the Stipers

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