The Striper fishing will keep getting better and better for the next few weeks. Nice size stripers are showing up from the splits to the backs of both river arms right now and so is the bait. The bait was blacking out my screen in some places in Pumonkey. Iím still catching jumbo perch from pigeon to the splits in front of the state park along with punk striper and catfish. 30 to 35 foot of water is the norm, unless a school pushes the bait to the bank. I havenít had a day yet where they have fed really good throughout the day. Mostly, its being in an area when a few Striper begin to feed...and then its game on for a short time. By the time I catch and boat one or two, its over. Then I hang around for the next opportunity to show itself. I mark a lot of Striper in the mid depths, but I donít target them. Those are swim bait Striper, lol. Iím looking for silver buddy Striper, lol.
My typical day on the lake begins about 9ish, and runs till about 5 in the afternoon. Donít want to do the bitter cold thing any more so I miss the morning bite, lol.
The loons are prolific this year, and the birds are all over em when they push bait to the surface. But sometimes theres Striper and bass mixed in too. Its always worth a few casts.
Lastly; let your engines heat up and cool down properly. Donít want to lose a motor to cold seizing.