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Thread: Turkey Bowel 12/2/17

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    Default Turkey Bowel 12/2/17

    Was a bit cool and foggy in the morning and cold water temps around 48 low winds. We launched and getting in striper pot we know we were catching them eary so ran up pamunkey to see if we could put a few in boat. Hahaha yea we did and had so much fun with them we spent probably too much time with them , but was having a blast. We started bass fishing around 9-10ish. Ran to Anna arm where we had done some damage week before. Piped 2 on a jig up around Christopher run. Then a long dry spell, other than catching a herring. Was crazy. I through my 110 JB into a overhanging branch about 2' off water, just as it hit and I went to pop it off the herring had jumped off shoreline about 10-15' to the right and flew directly into line as I lifted rod tip to pop bait off. Because bait was a little hung it started pulling line and then bait popped off branch shooting towards bird wraps around him a hooks up. He crashed into water flapping around. I was freaked, I reeled him in to free him and he was squawking and not very happy. I grabbed bait then he starts thrashing hooking me up on one of hooks. Bad getting worse as I was squawking and failing about trying to get hook out of me as well. 110 yea hooks with barbs going outward *%#€ £<#%^*. well I got unhooked the bird clamps onto my arm with his beak and was still as I unhooked him and cut line from lure so I could get line
    untangled from him. Can't say Unharmed but he is alive minimal damage and will survive, yes the bird to lol. We are blood brothers now, lol. Mega bass 110 for sale with little herring meat.
    Well get back to fishing and picked up another jig fish and Ryan busted 1 on a wacky rig senko. Then right behind us birds start working water and striper busting. Couldn't help ourselves we ran over and I hooked up and lost one on way to boat. Then Ryan hooks up and brings another in. Then I hook up again and said small one or running at boat again. Nope a big 1.7# crappie. Thought I might have something for big crappie for December, nope 1.10 is leading.
    Only missing one bass but one we needed for a limit we came in to weigh. We had big striper with a 5.58 I think and only 71/2#'s of bass. Congrats to winners and all those who got a JB bite going. Was a blast of a fishing day and great seeing the VAO guys again. Need to do this more often.
    Big thank you to Wayne for putting this on and for some great turkey legs and beverages. Hope to see you all again soon.
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    That sounded like quite the adventure with the bird Carl. WOW. Good job!

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