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Thread: Blown Motor update

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJP1234 View Post
    The ECU doesn't function properly when cold, if you get the digital gauge that shows motor temps, when 30* or below, it took my HPDI almost 1/2hr to warm up to the 120* minimum operating temperature that is mandatory for the ECU to operate properly.
    Sounds to me like the engineer that designed that is a fair weather pleasure turd...

    You know Jim, no motors to blow or wheel hubs to replace if you get a kayak... Just sayin.

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    Too much work. Heart would explode! Lol.
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    Sorry to hear about the blown motor Jim. I was in the same situation back in 2015. I searched the internet for a couple of months and found a 2013 new in crate motor for much lower $$$ I trailered down to NC for the motor swap but ended up with a full warranty new motor Yamaha 150 HPDI FOR $9.5k installed. While your searching if you want to get out let me know. Now that Andrew is in the Coast Guard I'm solo most days.

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    I want add, I drove that F225 for 4-5yrs or so, 20*-110* temps and it never once let me down. When the guy who bought went on the water test he didnt even realize it was turned on.

    Sure, the "cool" factor wasnt there... But needing a $5-6k repair isnt really cool either hahaha.. Good luck. I make no hesitation to recommend the F series motors. Yamaha sold me mine for $4k installed... Of course they were also Im sure including their cost to replace my block again... I bet they would cut a deal if they do infact still have the stock I bet they still have of them.

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