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    Default Fly fishing watercraft

    This is a very diverse subject. Everyone has their preferences. I personally haven't fly fished out of a motor boat. My favorite vessel is a solo canoe. My 12 foot Old Town Pack canoe has front and back anchor supports and adjustable outriggers for total stability. I also have a Fishin Buddy fish finder.

    My second favorite is my float tube. There is nothing like the feeling of fishing in a tube. I have the tube attachment for my Fishin Buddy, which makes life much easier.

    I also have a angler kayak but I don't like fly fishing out of it. It's really hard to cast in it. Try sitting on the floor with your back against something low and your feet straight out in front of you. Now try to cast. I find it difficult to get a good backcast and side to side movement.

    What is your favorite watercraft?
    When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.

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    I have a pontoon and a canoe. Recently sold my float tube. For the rivers the pontoon is my choice. Need to put a fly rod into the bass boat and see if I can catch some striper this winter.

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    I think it depends on the waters your fishing. I have owned kayaks (sit in and sit on top) rigged for flyfishing, classic double ender row boats (adirondack guide boat), fished from freinds drift boats, two person pontoons, canoes, bass boats and deep V boats in lakes etc .

    Quick and easy a kayak or canoe can be done solo. The rage is kayaks but, I am not so sure there better than canoes for flyfishing personally.

    Drift boats are nice if the water moves pretty fast but they are a dog in slow water, upstream breeze. They are also a bit of a project planning for shuttles etc.

    Hard to beat a bass boat on a lake - except it will cost you $$$

    I loved my adirondack guide boat on a lake as well.

    My buddy had a two person pontoon raft with alum frame that was kind cool. He had rigged an electric trolling motor on it for flyfishing flat water. Cruise over then one of us would fish the other maneuver with oars.

    As I get older I like to "keep things simple" . My first choice is no boat - just grab and go wet wading or waders in rivers. My second choice is if I lived right on or near flat water I would have a trailered bass boat or skiff. Third choice for rivers a kayak or canoe - but simple and light ------> these things are getting to technical and Heavy now imo.

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    I've been thinking of getting a bass boat. The platforms are perfect for fly casting.
    When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.

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