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    This would be for next Spring/summer. Most folks seem to fish the lower area but I am wondering if that is because it is easier to reach. If anyone has fished the whole stream, if you hike down from Skyline drive to camp Hoover and big rock falls- how does that compare to the lower river?
    I get all kinds of conflicting information on the hike down. Some say a 1/2 hour and others 2 hours. It seems a lot of folks do a loop, the short, steep way down and then a longer trail back up.
    I've tried to research this but I'm having trouble getting the right information. Any help appreciated.
    I sort of want to do the hike down just to see camp Hoover unless it is a very tough hike.

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    I have not made that hike before - but it would be easy enough to look at a topo map to determine how steep it is.

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    Well it is only 870 feet according to one source and it is 1,370 according to another source, offhand the 870 seems about right if you count up the contour lines. My biggest issue is that it seems a lot of folks catch brook trout in the lower section so I am wondering why anyone would bother with the upper.

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    It's been years since I have accessed the Rapidan from Skyline drive. If my memory is correct it's a good hour and a half hike back out and moderately steep. If it was me and wanting to fish up and around camp Hoover I'd drive to the end of the lower park access road and fish your way up to camp Hoover. Plenty of Brook trout and a nice easy hike down the fire road when finished fishing.

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    Well I have considered that. At the lower end there are two ways to go in, one by Graves Mill and another farther north but the second (farther north road) is supposed to be a very rough road even for a 4-wheel drive however it gets you farther upstream. On the Graves Mill route it looks like it might be 4 miles but if it is easy walking you could make it in 1 1/2 hours or so and as you said- the walk back would be downhill- which I'd prefer.

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