I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in hunting the late fall season (January 13-27) with my dog. I'm not looking for any money or to steal anyone's secret spots, just want to get my dog out and into some birds, and hopefully get someone a shot and introduce them to a different side of turkey hunting. It's a great time for grownups, and kids as well. Probably best if you have a large parcel to hunt or multiple parcels, but public land works fine also. Maizy (my dropper) is 3, well behaved, friendly, and doesn't chase deer. I've guided numerous people before, so this isn't our first time. I'm a PA resident, but have a Virginia license. Saturdays/Sundays work best for me, could be 1 day or two, I'm open to just about anything. Probably best to e-mail me or text/call my phone, Nickdalasio@msn.com, 484-681-0589. I'll try to remember to keep checking here for PMs also.

Also, if anyone has any public land in northern/central/eastern Virginia that they could suggest for fall turkey, I'd truly appreciate it. I know there is GW Forest, but that's a little too far of a drive, and not sure about driving in the mountains that time of year. I hunted a few years at Quantico, but can't deal with the red tape and hoops you have to keep jumping through there. PM is fine, I know nobody wants to share this on the WWW.

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